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Did you know that dental disease is the most commonly recognized abnormality on a physical exam of a dog or a cat? Healthy teeth are an important part of your pet’s well-being. Because as owners we do not regularly brush our dog or cat’s teeth, plaque, which is a film of bacteria, builds up on teeth surfaces. This plaque eventually turns to tartar (yellow/brown layering), and tartar hardens to calculus, a very hard concrete-like layering that is composed of bacteria. If allowed to remain on the tooth surface, tartar and calculus eventually erode the overlying gums and, in severe cases, erosion of the tooth roots and bone surrounding tooth roots occurs called periodontal disease.

At Loving Care Pet Hospital, we recommend you schedule your pet for annual dental exams with a veterinarian to clean your pet’s teeth and prevent periodontal disease. We do dental radiographs before each dental cleaning, to ensure your pets are getting the best overall care and taking care of any extractions if needed.


Our Dental
Care Tips

We recommend a combination of proper home care such as brushing and feeding an oral health diet or treats to help slow plaque buildup in addition to annual dental cleanings to prevent periodontal disease. Taking care of your dog or cat’s teeth isn’t just about fresh breath – it’s an essential part of good oral care which is an important part of your pet’s overall health.